Hello, I'm

A developer, tech enthusiast, and crochet artist!

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Kristen, but cartoon version

Some of my projects

I am a person of many passions, the most favored being art and creativity. This is precisely what called me to front-end development: the imaginative synergy between art and technology. The overflowing potential of technology collides with creativity, resulting in a truly awesome career which called to me. I jumped toward it with no hesitation!

  • Infosys
  • Front-End Developer

  • Code Bootcamp
  • Full Stack Development

Say Hello to my Crochet Plant Gallery!

plants that you don't have to worry about!

  • Crochet Monstera

    Soft White with Lime Monsteras

  • Crochet Donkey Tail

    Spring Green with Dark Vines

  • A Crocheted String of Hearts

    Snow White and Sage Hearts

  • Heart Seeker's Plant

    Soft Pink and Fern Green

  • Crochet Donkey Tail

    Pink and Vibrant Leaves

  • Crochet Donkey Tail

    Pink and Vibrant Leaves

Some of my projects

Original Portfolio

My very first portfolio!

Blog Website

Created for the love of crochet!

Image Slideshow

A small example of the potential of JavaScript